The Marietta Daily Journal – Meet the Cobb EMC board candidates

Meet the Cobb EMC board candidates
by MDJ staff The Marietta Daily Journal
October 12, 2011 11:59 PM | 1957 views | 8 | 7 | | The Journal asked a series of questions of the challenger candidates who petitioned by Tuesday for the Nov. 12 election. Not all candidates answered all questions.


Johnny Woodward

Age: 62

Residence: Cobb County

Family: Children Natalie, Johnathan, Trey; mother Myrtle Woodward; brothers David and Richard

Occupation: Restaurant owner

Education: Graduate of North Cobb High School, class of 1968

Other Community Activities: Board member, WellStar Health System; board member, Cobb Fair Board.

If elected, what is your main objective as a director?To bring fiscal accountability and fiscal conservatism to the Board.

Do you know anything about running an electric utility? Yes.

Do you favor a forensic audit? Why or why not? Yes. I believe that the previous board members and management have hidden information from the owners of Cobb EMC.

Do you support the recently announced transparency initiatives? If not, why? Yes.

Do you favor Cobb EMC, with Power 4 Georgians, building the coal-fired Plant Washington? I do not have enough information at this time to reach a definitive decision regarding the need for a new plant. However, based on the information that I do have at this time, I do not believe this additional expenditure is appropriate or necessary at this time.

Are you seeking the endorsement of any of the reform groups? Why or why not? Yes. I would appreciate the endorsement of any group in Cobb County.

One of those groups, the Cobb EMC Owner’s Association, hopes that candidates who go through its vetting process but are not endorsed will support the one candidate it endorses in each area. If CEOA does not endorse you, would you drop out and support their endorsee? Why or why not? No. My commitment to the customers of Cobb EMC is not dependant on the endorsement of any particular group.